Legal woes continue at Pompeii

The legal woes for a troublesome local watering hole continue to pile up like a bar tab.

The Pompeii Bar and Lounge at 3133 E. Tremont Avenue was most recently hit with still more charges on or around Sunday, April 22: two FDNY violations for operating contrary to blueprints and for no certificate of fitness for the fire system, and a Department of Building’s violation for use contrary to plans, officials said.

Councilman Jimmy Vacca said that despite repeated violations, the bar still has not complied with floor plans filed with the Department of Building in 2009, piling up about $12,000 in DOB fines in the process.

“They have had ample time to address violations, and Pompeii has not done so and has not paid the fines,” Vacca said.

“Pompeii’s owner said that they would take action to correct these violations and have not, and made us assurance that they would find off-site parking for their patrons, and they have not done that either.”

A host of community members and local officials attended a hearing against the bar on Friday, April 27 in Manhattan before Administrative Law Judge Carl Stoll Sr. on State Liquor Authority violations pending against the bar, as well as the Department of Buildings violations.

The judge issued continuances to June 8 on two SLA cases from March 6 and Oct. 9 of last year against Pompeii for disorderly premises.

He also agreed to render a decision within 30 days on Department of Buildings violations involving illegal alterations to the building.

The judge also overruled objections by Pompeii’s lawyer to having Bronx Times Reporter articles about the bar admitted into evidence.

Attending the hearing were members of the Waterbury-LaSalle Community Association, Community Board 10, and staff from Senator Jeff Klein’s office.

“This matter is proceeding through the State Liquor Authority and the judge appeared receptive to the community’s case,” Klein said. “It’s clear that the Waterbury-LaSalle community will not tolerate a loud, noisy, unauthorized club at this location. My office will continue to monitor this situation.”

Some local residents want Pompeii’s liquor licence revoked because they believe it is a club, not a bar and lounge.

“I have heard numerous stories, and it is clearly a club that does not belong where it is,” said local resident Sandi Lusk. “I really honestly hope that they do get their licence revoked. They have been a constant source of annoyance.”

Pompeii owner Jose Torres did not return phone calls for comment.

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