Latin-based Travesias provides food, atmosphere for all cultures

A mural painting by Dominican artist, Potteche, representing characters of different food cultures, is located in the back of the restaurant.
Community News Group / Steven Goodstein

A new Latin-based restaurant in the Bronx is not limited to one kind of culinary culture.

Travesias, featuring Latin Fusion cuisine at 3830-34 E. Tremont Avenue, gives its customers an opportunity to ‘travel the world’ within the confines of the restaurant’s four walls by providing them with international food options in a multi-cultural setting.

The restaurant, which opened on Sunday, May 10, uses a bicycle as part of its logo to represent a universal mode of transportation that every person in every country of the world can relate to in regards to travel.

Owner Brian Martinez said his customers will feel like they are traveling the world upon entering the restaurant when they look at the menu, eat the food and take in the atmosphere.

A stage area for live performances and shows. Clocks from New York, Madrid, Dubai and Beijing are displayed above the stage and the ‘Travesias’ logo.
Community News Group / Steven Goodstein

“Although this restaurant is primarily based on many latin roots and influences, there are food options on the menu that relate to every culture in the world,” said Martinez, who has previous experience managing restaurants in the Bronx and Manhattan.

“That’s where having the bike as part of our logo comes in – because not everybody has driven a car or rode on a camel, but everybody has ridden, or at least knows about a bike as a means of transportation.”

Travesias offers French avocado with curry aoili, golden crab purses with sweet and sour guava sauce and Chilian sea bass with a Travesias blend of sauteed vegetables, to name a few mouth-watering choices.

The restaurant’s atmosphere also gives off a feeling of worldwide travel.

One of the many collages displayed throughout the restaurant .
Community News Group / Steven Goodstein

Collages representing different countries are displayed throughout the restaurant, with views of Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Cuba, among others.

Non-latino collages include pictures of the United States, China, as well as locations in Asia and the Middle East.

A portion of the restaurant also gives the feeling of Wall Street, with clocks displaying the time in New York, Madrid, Dubai and Beijing.

The restaurant also includes a small stage for live performances and shows as well as a mural painting by Dominican artist Potteche.

French avocado with curry aoili.
Photo courtesy of Travesias

“When I dined here, I felt as though I had ventured off to other lands or to an incredible international food festival,” said Bailey Provetto, who reviewed the restaurant with her organization the Tasty Ladies of NY in June.

“The Bronx is very lucky to have this restaurant. It’s the only place in the borough that I know of where one can experience the best of over 15 different countries’ culinary delights under one roof.”

Travesias has also seen positive reviews from Yelp and Trip Advisor.

Martinez, whose family also worked in the restaurant business, said that his decision to open the restaurant at the current location was made after researching the neighborhood and noting other Latin-based restaurants in the area.

Golden crab purses with sweet and sour guava sauce.
Photo courtesy of Travesias

“This portion of East Tremont Avenue is a growing, up and coming area that is very vibrant,” said Martinez. “I really wanted to capitalize on this opportunity by opening a restaurant that was modern and classy, but casual at the same time.”

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