Landords walk away from wrecks

The property 2922 Williamsbridge Road, has become hazardous to neighbors and an eyesore on the community, with the construction fence along the 2911 Bronxwood Avenue side obstructing the sidewalk, leaving the trash-filled yard exposed. Photo by Amanda Marinaccio

Where have all the landlords gone? Community Board 11 is taking a stand against property owners neglecting their responsibility and abandoning homes throughout the district.

A dangerous hazard to neighbors and local residents, the property at 2922 Williamsbridge Road, is slowly merging into the adjacent building.

“It’s a disgrace, really filthy,” said Vinny Prezioso of CB11 and the Northeast Bronx Association. “It’s right against the other house and I think it should be taken down.”

The back of the structure, the 2911 Bronxwood Avenue side, had a construction fence torn down, now obstructing the sidewalk, leaving the doorless property open and exposed.

The Community Board will be sending a letter advising the Department of Buildings to check the stability of the unkempt structure.

“I believe it is an unsafe building and that it should be demolished,” said John Fratta, district manager of CB11. “We have reports and complaints of kids breaking in over there. It’s disgusting.”

Fratta will also be targeting an abandoned home in Morris Park, located 1116 Pierce Avenue, which was recently issued an ECB violation for failure to maintain the building.

The violation states that the two and a half story home also has no windows or doors, leaving the property unguarded.

“It’s the same problem, a vacant house,” said Fratta. “We have reports of people doing work there, with no permits issued, so we will try to have some violations issued and catch them doing the work.”

According to a complaint from January 23, 2009, the home is filled with an ‘accumulation of debris’ that still remains, along with piles of trash in both the front and rear of the property.

Just several blocks away, at the corner Rhinelander and Tomlinson avenues, an abandoned construction site is also filled with garbage.

The 1116 Rhinelander property has 11 ECB violations, with 3 pending and 8 overdue, totaling $5,300 in fines, for lacking necessary permits, improper construction fence without permits, failure to protect adjoining structure, sidewalks and walkways.

“The problem is the site looks like a dump and the owner isn’t doing any work,” said Fratta. “The neighbors are very upset and it’s a blight on this community.”

According to Fratta the Community Board will be in constant contact with city agencies to have violations issued, with the hope of holding the landlords accountable.

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