Koppell’s graffiti contractor cleans 40 marred sites

In response to complaints about an increase in graffiti in the area, Councilman Oliver Koppell launched an anti-graffiti program in his district over a year ago, utilizing funds from his discretionary Council allotment. The program, which uses the services of CitySolve, a graffiti cleaning company with a good track record, is targeted primarily at residential property and street steps. 

Complaints drive the program insofar as constituents call in graffitied locations to Koppell’s district office, which then get forwarded to CitySolve for cleaning, usually within a week. According to Bruce Pienkny, president of CitySolve, “Most of the locations they have cleaned remain clean.”

Forty locations in Riverdale, Kingsbridge, Norwood and Bedford Park have had graffiti removed through this program, including building steps at 238th Street and Riverdale Avenue and at 238th Street and Irwin Avenue, as well as houses on Fieldston Road, Cambridge Avenue, Perry Avenue and the Grand Concourse.

Koppell said,  “The presence of graffiti has a depressing, negative effect on a community, creating a disorderly environment if neglected.  Because constant vigilance and  immediate removal is the key to ridding a neighborhood of its graffiti problem, I am pleased that I was able to provide a mechanism for area residents  to report their graffiti complaints and have them attended to quickly.  I would  like to urge my constituents to take advantage of this opportunity to report graffiti problems to my district office (718) 549-7300,  e-mail Okoppell@council.nyc.gov  for prompt attention.”

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