Knowing the Score

When you’re bored this summer, especially during this dreadful weather, know that you can really make a sport out of anything around you. 

I’m writing this column on the train, as I often do during a short work week, I discovered how much pleasure I take watching cell phone users freak out when the train goes underground and they don’t know what to do with themselves. 

Some choose to hold on to their phone desperately hoping for one bar to show; others just talk to random people; and some even look shocked, wondering why their phone suddenly cut off, as if this is a new occurrence. 

I like to keep track of who stays on the phone the longest despite no one on the other end.  I clocked a guy at one whole stop into Hunts Point before he realized no one was listening.  Here’s to you Matthew (I was nosey); you’re my underground cell phone champion.  

If you guessed that I had no idea what to write about this week, you would be very correct in that assumption. 

Do you think Alex Rodriguez just had this aching feeling that something was wrong with his life – something missing – and he just decided to shake things up a bit?  Can you imagine the process that went into his latest non-baseball blunder. 

Millions of dollars: check

All-star baseball career: check

Guaranteed trip to the hall of fame: check

Hot wife and beautiful children: check

80’s pop star – past her prime: that’s what I’ve been missing. 

I guess World Series rings didn’t make the cut. 

Speaking of all-stars, is anyone else out there excited about this year’s big All-Star Game? 

Yes, the Bronx has hosted countless World Series, but when was the last time so many great Major League Baseball stars made their way to the borough for one great day of baseball action?  With them come fans from across the country and around the world, all getting a new taste of the borough they may not have experienced before.  This is a wonderful opportunity, not just for business, but to completely shed the stigma about the Bronx and showcase why the borough is, indeed, booming and getting better with each day. 

Who knows when an opportunity like this will happen again?

My one gripe with the All Star Game, which will be played on July 15, at Yankee Stadium, is that there are not enough New Yorkers represented.  Only Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Mariano Rivera and Billy Wagner made the cut.  David Wright still has a chance to play, but where is Jose Reyes?  I think New York dropped the ball here.  They should have come out in droves to make sure the City was fully represented at a game hosted in the Bronx.  Maybe if this was an American Idol competition, things would be different. 

An idol of a different variety has started holding training sessions with the Throggs Neck Girls Softball League. Julie Bolduc, the first pitcher in NCAA history to throw a complete perfect game, started working with the girls on Monday, July 7. 

In a previous story discussing the matter, Bolduc could not comment on her involvement with the league. Since then, I had the opportunity to talk to the pitching pro, who was more than happy to work with Rachel Mazza’s girls. 

“I am really thrilled to do the clinic,” she said.  “Rachel Mazza is a huge advocate for girls’ softball and a tremendous asset to the sport.  I hope the girls know what she’s doing for them.”

Mazza is doing a wonderful job for the girls and if anyone wants to track their progress, they can do so by checking out the league’s new website at

The site comes complete with rosters, sponsor information, standings, photos and more. 

While you are at it, keep tabs on the boys, by checking out the Throgs Neck Little League at  They really did an amazing job.  Definitely worth the visit. 

Special birthday wishes go out to Joe DeGuardia, CEO of the Star Boxing, which promotes cards at the historic Paradise Theater.  DeGuardia celebrated his birthday on Friday, July 4.

Well, I’m at my stop.  Got to go.  Until next time, I’ll see you at the games.   

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