Klein restores patriotic mural

Senator Jeff Klein will be restoring the patriot landmark of the Lawrence Keane American Legion Post, located 2879 Buhre Avenue, which for the first time has been vandalized by graffiti.

A neighborhood landmark, defaced with graffiti, will be restored to its rightful glory in time for Memorial Day.

Since 1975, the patriotic mural outside the Lawrence Keane American Legion Post, located 2879 Buhre Avenue, has been a respected symbol of the community.

“The mural has been up since we built the post in 1975 and it’s in the spirit of 1776,” said Louis Durante, post commander. “This is the first time this has happened.”

Recently, while donating a $ 125,000 grant to the post along with Assemblyman Michael Benedetto, Senator Jeff Klein noticed vandals had tarnished the tribute, yet another sign of the graffiti blight in the community.

“Graffiti vandalism is an attack on our communities, but the offense is ten-fold against those to whom we owe so much,” said Klein. “We can never forget the sacrifices others made so that we can enjoy our freedom.”

Klein pledged to have the mural cleaned through his graffiti removal program, which will also be working its way around Pelham Bay over the next several weeks, using techniques that will maintain the original image.

In addition to the graffiti removal, Klein will have an artist restore the entire mural, which has been worn down by the elements over the years.

The mural is expected to be graffiti free and looking brand new in time for the upcoming Memorial Day.

“Restoring this patriotic mural to its former glory marks not only a stand against insolence,” said Klein, “but an act of pride for our entire nation.”

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