Klein removes second-story graffiti scrawl

Senator Jeff Klein helps remove some unwanted markings, as part of his free graffiti removal service, which has been tackling first and second story vandalism around Pelham Bay. Photo by Victor Chu

Residents of Pelham Bay can start to look up without disgust, with over 20 second story graffiti locations wiped clean this week.

Keeping true to his promise to reinvigorate Pelham Bay by removing the second story eyesores found atop both businesses and private homes, Senator Jeff Klein has had his free graffiti removal service hard at work.

During a walk through of the area on Wednesday, April 22, with members of the Pelham Bay Taxpayers Association and the Waterbury LaSalle Community Association, and representatives from the offices of Councilman Jimmy Vacca and Senator Jeff Klein, over 25 locations suffered severe vandalism.

“It makes you sick to look at it,” said Andrew Chirico of the Waterbury-LaSalle Community Association

Community residents were overjoyed to discover this week that many of the buildings notorious for their scarring had been cleaned.

“I did notice when they did Crosby. One day I walked down and the street and it was there, and the next day it was gone,” said Chirico. “The clean area looks very nice, but there is still a lot to be done. I think property owners should take more of an interesting in their own properties by securing roof access.”

The graffiti removal program, along with the new second-story service, will continue to operate throughout the summer on a call in basis. People wishing to report a location should call (888) 884-1444.

“Graffiti vandalism can not and will not be tolerated,” said Klein. “I will continue to remove as much graffiti as possible and work to ensure the vandals are caught and punished.”

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