Klein helps Locust Point reopen beach

The Locust Point Civic Association is receiving help from Senator Jeff Klein to reopen the Locust Point Beach, once a popular spot for community gatherings and celebrations. Photo by Jerry Landi

Locust Point Beach, after being closed down by the Department of Health for some time, is expected to reopen this summer and may even sport some long-sought improvements.

The Locust Point Civic Association’s beach club, located on Tierney Place at the corner of 177th Street, was once a vibrant area for community gatherings and a local spot for residents to enjoy the good weather.

“This Labor Day we were particularly angry because we had a big crowd and every year we had water races and a lot going on at the beach,” said Jerry Landi, vice president of the LPCA. “We are trying to get things done so at least this summer we can open, but everything is up in the air.”

Over the past few years, the LPCA has expended significant effort into preparing the beach for a grand reopening, including investing money into a lifeguard chair, first-aid station, and testing to ensure the water’s safety. To help solve the problem, the group reached out to the office of Senator Jeff Klein.

“We tried to get the permits and were told we were never going to get them because of a valve that opens when there is heavy rains. Sewage sometimes comes into the water,” said Landi. “We are working with Klein’s office to obtain the permits required by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.”

In addition to beach improvements, NYSERDA evaluated the group’s clubhouse and provided a list of suggestions to make the building green, including replacing the boiler and incorporating solar panels. Landi added that the evaluation will be presented to the board, and that everything is still in the beginning stages.

“I am glad Locust Point will be the first of many in my district that will take advantage of not only going green but saving money,” said Klein. “NYSERDA is one of these underused gems we have with the purpose to save people money and help the environment, and I hope many more organizations and homeowners take part in this as well.”

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