Klein: Cafe Deja vu should surrender liquor license

Senator Jeff Klein hosted a conference on Thursday, October 30 along with community leaders to call on Café Déjà vu to surrender its liquor license in compliance with the State Liquor Authority’s request. Photo by Amanda Marinaccio

Café Déjà vu strikes again, as Senator Jeff Klein calls on them to honor the cancellation of their liquor license.

The Cafe, located at 778 Morris Park Avenue, has been a constant detriment on the community, pouring in noise pollution and undesirable elements affecting the quality of life.

The most recent occurrence was a fight that took place on Saturday, October 18, at 4:10 a.m., in which an altercation was understood to have erupted between patrons leaving the café, resulting in a hit and run accident, the victim believed to be an off duty police officer. The 49th Precinct is allegedly close to an arrest on the matter, according to sources.

“It is incumbent upon us as elected officials to act quickly to make sure these incidents don’t happen twice and further endanger area residents,” noted Klein. “When Saturday night’s altercation originated from this nightclub and spilled on the streets of this community, Café Déjà vu proved its irresponsibility.”

On Thursday, October 30, at noon, Senator Klein, joined by residents and community leaders, held a conference in front of the lounge, where he announced the cancellation of Café Déjà vu’s liquor license by the State Liquor Authority.

Cancellation of a license gives the institution 20 days to comply, along with a $ 1,000 fine. Owner Robert Karagi may also have to go through the process of reapplying for a license, including a vote by Community Board 11.

“Déjà vu has not been a good neighbor in this community, and I’m calling on them to honor the State Liquor Authority’s request to turn over their license,” said Klein.

If Karagi does not comply, he will be subject to a hearing, in which revocation of the liquor license may occur, not allowing the café to reapply for the license.

Senator Klein also hopes to expedite the hearing, should Karagi not turn in his license, and have Café Déjà vu shut down as a nighttime lounge for the good of the residents of Morris Park.

“I receive complaints about this place every Wednesday at our meetings,” said Morris Park Community Association president, Al D’Angelo. “It’s not a place that’s conducive to our community and our neighbors.”

The FDNY and NYPD allegedly performed a sting operation over Halloween weekend, which may have temporarily shutdown Café Déjà vu, but further details on the matter have yet to be released.

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