Klein announces ‘Call for Caddies’ for TN Houses teens

Klein announces ‘Call for Caddies’ for TN Houses teens
Photo courtesy of Senator Jeff Klein’s Office

Job seeking Throggs Neck Houses teens hope they will score ‘a hole in one’ with Trump Golf Links’ newly established caddy certification program.

The Bronx H.I.R.E. Program has formed an initiative to connect Throggs Neck Houses teens with caddy positions at Ferry Point Park’s Trump Golf Links.

Working with the program, Trump Golf Links has created a caddy certification course and agreed to hire 15 teens from the complex who complete the course.

Trump Golf Links have expressed their interest in filling these caddy positions not just for this approaching summer, but investing in teens who will work and mature with the golf course for many more summers to come.

These teens will not only learn to caddy, but ultimately will become an integral member of the Trump Golf Links team.

Senator Jeff Klein officially announced this new program at Thursday, April 30’s Throggs Neck Houses Residents Council meeting.

“As the warmer months approach and schools let out, many Bronx teens are looking for a summer employment to put a little extra money in their pockets and gain real world experience,” Senator Klein said.

“That’s why this month, the Bronx H.I.R.E. program launched the ‘Call for Caddies’ program, which works to connect teens at the Throggs Neck Houses with summer job opportunities at the Trump Golf Links. Through the ‘Call for Caddies’ program, teens at the Throggs Neck Houses will learn the inner workings of a golf course, build new skills and receive trainings in course maintenance and terminology. Put simply, the ‘Call for Caddies’ program is a hole in one, connecting local teens with invaluable summer job opportunities and putting them on a path to college and career readiness,” he added.

Bronx H.I.R.E. will host a ‘Call for Caddies’ on Friday, May 15 at 4:30 p.m. and any interested 15 to 18-years old residents are invited to be interviewed this evening.

Attendees are required to bring working papers, a report card, a reference letter, and a paragraph stating why he or she wants to work for Trump Golf Links.

In addition, attendees are asked to bring a parent or guardian with them to the interview to provide consent.

If a parent or guardian is unable to attend, it is asked the parent or guardian sign a consent form ensuring they comply with this training and position.

Interviews will be conducted by Klein; the Bronx H.I.R.E. Program; Monique Johnson, Throggs Neck Residents Council president; Sinclair Hollingsworth, Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club director; and a 45th Precinct representative.

Once all interviews are completed, the candidates will be selected to attend caddy certification classes on Thursday, May 28, spanning the course of three evenings.

This 16 to 20 hour course not only educates candidates on the basics of caddying, but will also teach them golf terminology and golf course etiquette.

Upon completion, candidates will be ready to start their employment with Trump Golf Links.

“We’re very excited to be able to offer a caddy education program for the youth here in the community and hope it will continue for many years to come,” Joe Roediger, Trump Golf Links general manager expressed.

“This program not only introduces them to the game of golf and its proper etiquette, but also teaches important life lessons and the necessary skills for success in both life and business. As ambassadors for the course, caddies are a vital part of any golf operation and there are many success stories of very young individuals who began as caddies and are now CEOs and managers of their own companies.”