Kingsbridge BID director responds to request for its expansion

Kingsbridge BID director responds to request for its expansion|Kingsbridge BID director responds to request for its expansion
Pictured are scenes near Broadway and West 238th Street’s commercial corridor.
Photo courtesy of Rob Walsh

A Bronx business improvement district responded affirmatively to a radio commentator who thinks that its boundaries should be enlarged.

Rob Walsh, a former commissioner of the NYC Department of Small Business Services for 12 years, used his 1010 WINS radio segment on small enterprise to call for the expansion of the Kingsbridge Business Improvement District.

On a recent segment of his show, ‘The Bottom Line for Small Business,’ Walsh recommended that the Kingsbridge BID enlarge its service area.

Walsh stated that visitors to West 238th Street, which is outside the BID zone, could then shop in a thriving commercial corridor. The area’s appeal is now hampered by unsightly trash.

He said that the Kingsbridge BID was asked to expand the BID service area a couple of blocks north a year ago, but haven’t taken any action.

BIDs typically offer enhanced sanitation services in addition to what is provided by the city.

Katherine Broihier, executive director of the Kingsbridge BID, said that the BID’s board is exploring the option of expansion, not only along Broadway to West 238th Street from its current boundary at West 236th Street but also elsewhere.

Based on her understanding, Broihier said that she believes Walsh would like to see the BID expand up along Broadway from its current boundary to West 238th Street, and then onto the street itself, where there are a mixture of residences and commercial establishments.

It is true that if the BID were to expand, services like increased sanitation and street decoration would follow, she noted.

But the expansion would pose other issues, she said, because residences and non-profit institutions don’t pay assessment fees to support the BID like commercial business property owners do. There are residential buildings along West 238th Street.

Additionally, she said the area between West 236th Street and West 238th Street contains more industrial oriented businesses that may not be interested in the ‘curb appeal’ of their properties.

“Being that (Kingsbridge) is a small BID…this is going to be something that is going to be chewed on for a number of months before any decision is made,” she said, adding if the board were to look at expansion, East 233rd Street might be more feasible.

In addition to being a radio commentator, a Manhattan College press release from July 2018 announced that Walsh was appointed as senior advisor for strategic partnerships for the college, which is located a few blocks to the north of the BID service area on Manhattan College Parkway.

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Conditions like these, which include trash on the street near West 238th Street and Broadway, may illustrate why an argument is being advanced to expand the Kingsbridge Business Improvement District in the area.
Photo courtesy of Robert Walsh

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