Jacobi Hosts Live Healthy, Love Safely Event

(l-r) Volunteers Ana Alvarado and Maria Robles; Mayra Figueroa, team leader of Outreach; volunteers Rosa Medina and Margaret Stewart shared educational literature with guests.
Photo by Aracelis Batista

Jacobi Hospital hosted a Live Healthy, Love Safely event on Friday, February 8 at Building 8’s Atrium.

Jason Leider (front, c), MD, Program Doctor director, was honored by his colleagues.
Photo by Aracelis Batista

(l-r) Christopher Mastromano, Jacobi CEO; Maris Gelman representing Senator Alessandra Biaggi; Frankie Coll, Dr.Leider’s patient; Dr. Jason Leider; Soraya Pares, Dr.Leider’s patient; Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez; Samantha Rivera with baby sister Alyssa Sepulveda, both Dr.Leider’s patients.
Photo by Aracelis Batista

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