It’s The Bronx moves to Andrew Freedman Home

It’s The Bronx moves to Andrew Freedman Home|It’s The Bronx moves to Andrew Freedman Home
DJ Sabronxura during the January It’s The Bronx preview.
Photo courtesy of Round 7

The Bronx culture fest that has everybody talking is moving to the Andrew Freedman Home and art gallery at 1125 Grand Concourse on Saturday, March 23.

It’s The Bronx, which was originally slated to debut at Union Crossing of 825 E. 141st Street from that Saturday into Sunday, March 24 will now be flipped into a one-day event at the artistic space.

The festival was moved from Union Crossing due to its construction completion being delayed, although the state of the art building is still part of the It’s The Bronx’ future.

In consolation, Union Crossing even purchased 100 tickets to It’s The Bronx.

Needless to say, event creator Marco Shalma has maintained a positive relationship with Union Crossing as both parties are working out a new event series for the seven-floor titan of modern architecture come this spring when Union Crossing will be up to speed.

“This is actually on opportunity for us to do more and involve more people and more of the Bronx’s best,” he said.

That monthly series is expected to commence on Saturday, May 11 and run all the way into October, incorporating multiple and major cultural institutions from the Bronx and the rest of NYC.

As for the famed Andrew Freedman home, the three-floor creative and cultural space now has the privilege to host what many are anticipating to be the first round of the biggest and best collaboration of Bronx culture to date, running day to night from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

If you’ve already purchased tickets to It’s The Bronx before the announced move, you’re entitled to some nice give-backs from the festival.

Those guests are entitled to: credit towards the outstanding food and beverages that come from all corners of the Bronx, credit towards additional tickets, a $10 refund, and any guest that purchased only a Sunday ticket will have that stub honored for Saturday now.

The planned two-day panel series will now also be consolidated into one day.

Those four panels will focus on and feature insight for categories like: publishing, social media and branding, social media and food, and success of Bronx women in business.

“Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from and engage directly with our panelists, and hopefully, leave feeling inspired or with a better understanding of each topic,” Shalma also said.

Tickets for It’s The Bronx are still available, visit to get yours.

The Andrew Freedman Home
Photo courtesy of Round 7

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