It’s The Bronx headliners announced

Pigkaso at the It’s The Bronx preview.
Round 7

After some dramatic anticipation, the headliners for It’s The Bronx have finally been announced. Dozens of music acts performed and debuted during the It’s The Bronx preview event at the Bronx Brewery on Saturday, January 26; now a select 12 of them will continue on to the main event at the Union Crossing building at 825 E. 141st Street on Saturday, March 23 and Sunday, March 24.

The dozen music acts chosen are…drum roll please:

MORRISIANA BAND PROJECT: Founded by Air Force veteran Elissa Carmona she is both a Bronx-based rock, funk and soul singer.

The project has won community art awards and accolades.

AVEL THE ICEMAN: Born and raised in The Bronx; he is a R&B singer with a sound best described as a contemporary Marvin Gaye with a little bit of Sadè, Michael Jackson and Radiohead Influence with even Daft Punk tendencies.

THE LVANGUAGE: A Bronx band with a blended, cohesive, unique musical style.

PIGKASO: This talented Castle Hill yo-yoer spun the crowd of January’s It’s The Bronx into awe with his string tricks.

MATI: Born in Bangladesh, Mati turned to music to learn English & learn American culture while she went to school in the city.

OH BLIZZY: He was born in Jamaica raised in the Bronx. He is influenced by his uncles rasta-style and music has always been part his life.

DREW TORRES TRIO: These three tastefully incorporates elements of reggae, soul, and hip hop into one exciting experience.

GENEUS: He’s an emcee who aims to engage in a conversation with the listener while paying homage to the Bronx with personal stories of conflict and resolution.

QUOTE THE MC: Harlem born but raised in the Bronx.

He’s also a hip hop Emcee who started writing rhymes at age 11.

CONVERSING WITH OCEANS: Founder Alex Bondarev emigrated from Russia to the Bronx in efforts escape war and civil unrest.

An escape through a culture of music has made the Bronx home to him.

BRAD HESTER: He often draws motivational lyrics from his personal failures.

He’s opened for artists such as Dyme-A-Duzin, Vic Mensa, and Tyga.

AYANNA WILLIAMS: She’s an R&B singer-songwriter raised in Co-op City.

Ayanna has been singing since age five and released her debut project ‘Delicate’ in 2018. Her inspirations include Luther Vandross, Jill Scott and Mary J. Blige.

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Ayanna Williams.
Round 7

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