It’s Mulchfest time for your Xmas tree

Thank you very mulch.

That’s the word from the city’s Parks and Sanitation departments, who once again are dealing with folks more than ready to dump their needle-shedding Christmas trees.

The Sanitation department began its annual curbside tree collection and recycling program on Wednesday, Jan. 2, running through Saturday, Jan. 12.

And folks who just can’t part with their trees ‘til the bitter end, can bring them to drop-off centers and mulching sites after that.

Residents who’d rather avoid a living room floor covered in needles and dump them quickly curbside, should remove all tree stands, tinsel, lights, and ornaments – and NOT put their trees in plastic bags – before they lug them curbside for removal.

Trees left curbside, said Sanit Commissioner John Doherty, will be collected, chipped, and made into compost, to eventually be spread around parks, ball fields and community gardens throughout the city.

Doherty said Sanit workers typically collect over 140,000 discarded Christmas trees every year for “tree-cycling”.

“The Department is very pleased to offer this special recycling service. Providing collection and recycling options for residents is environmentally valuable and benefits our neighborhoods,” said Doherty, noting that the mulch-minded can reuse their composted Christmas trees to fertilize for the spring.

“Compost is a natural fertilizer and is an excellent soil enrichment that promotes the healthy growth of plants and grass,” said Doherty.

Parks Commissioner Veronica White said that starting Jan. 9, folks that lug their trees – also stripped of decorations – to a chipping site and can “and return home with a bag of fresh fragrant mulch for your own garden.”

The Parks & Recreation Department will be hosting Mulchfest 2013 on Saturday, Jan. 12 and Sunday, Jan. 13 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at drop off sites throughout the Bronx and rest of the city.

To find Bronx locations, visit

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