Illegal parking lot pops up on Lyon Avenue

The owner of 2280 Lyon Avenue recently paved over his side yard to create an illegal parking lot. He is allegedly renting the spaces to local Zerega motorists. - Photo by Walter Pofeldt

While an illegal innovation at 2280 Lyon Avenue began as a dirt lot approximately two years ago, a neighborhood resident that spoke on the condition of anonymity said it was only recently that concrete turned the spot into a full-blown parking lot.

“This is all too typical,” Councilman Jimmy Vacca said. “People think they can create parking lots in residential zones and they think they can run businesses out of their homes.”

Equally angered by the addition and the extra commotion the lot is making in what used to be a subdued and peaceful community setting, the resident said, “Now there’s constant traffic in and out over there. It’s just not fair.”

Accompanying the lot that routinely hosts eight to 12 cars, are four thick, yellow lines painted on the sidewalk, to warn drivers that that piece of roadway is off limits.

While residents could legally park in front of the gated entrance, since a curb cut isn’t present, they continue to keep the space clear for fear of retribution by the home’s owner.

“Just imagine if everyone put yellow lines in front of their homes, no one would have anywhere to park,” the Zerega resident said. 

Zoned R5A, the lot in question, as a two-family home, is allowed to have a maximum of four parking spaces on the property.

While there is an exception if the Department of Buildings commissioner grants special permission, such authorization hasn’t been given in this instance.

Also, as stated by the Department of Consumer Affairs, any lot accommodating five or more vehicles for a fee, or other consideration charged directly or indirectly, must have a Parking Lot license.

Such a document is only obtainable by presenting a series of documents to the DCA Licensing Center, one of which is a notarized copy of the Business Certificate.

“This is a quality-of-life issue that we’ve never stood for and we’re not going to stand for it now,” Vacca commented. “I’m calling for a complete investigation from the Buildings Department, and to the extent that there is illegal use at this property, we will put a stop to it.”

A spokesperson from the DOB assured Vacca someone would be out to look at the site on Tuesday, August 12.

As of press time, the agency had not yet begun the investigation.

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