IHOP franchisee rolls back prices

Dominic Broccoli, owner of the borough’s three IHOP’s, has rolled back prices at two of his eateries. File Photo

Two International House of Pancake Houses in the Bronx have flipped back their prices to the days when they first opened.

The move serves as a thank you to customers who’ve made the eateries thrive.

But franchisee owner Dominic Broccoli admits it’ll cut into his profits.

He’s asking customers to stop by two of three of his IHOP stores at 817 Allerton Ave. and 961 E. 174th St. by the Pathmark Shopping Center began serving eggs with a side of buttermilk flapjacks.

The IHOP on Bruckner Blvd. and White Plains Road only opened this past Februrary, so the rollback to 2007 IHOP prices at the other two restaurants won’t apply there.

On top of the discounted prices, Broccoli has rolled out a whole new attitude for the worldwide chain.

“I wasn’t happy with the management team,” admitted Broccoli, noticing a high number of gripes recorded in the store’s Voice of the Guests hotline.

“Employees lose focus for the real reason they’re here and it’s for the customers.”

Working with his employees to better serve the customers will be his new general manager, hired following the revamping of Broccoli’s business.

“He basically goes from place to place to make sure the quality is what it’s supposed to be,” ensured Broccoli.

There’s also a whole new look to Broccoli’s businesseses.

The Allerton spot, formerly the prominent Gino’s Cafe owned by Broccoli’s dad, is now decked in light green and brown tones, producing a more earthly feel.

The change, according to Broccoli, is part of the chain’s regular marketing tactic of changing a store’s interior layout every five years.

Broccoli, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, is no stranger to the restaurant industry, having worked at Gino’s since he was a kid.

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