Hunts Point Hustle announces new route

In keeping with the borough’s current fervor over fitness and “going green,” the 4th annual Hunts Point Hustle 5K run next Saturday, May 22 will attempt to promote both themes at once.

“It was created to promote fitness and also bring awareness to the greenway and the three new parks,” said Francesca Ramsawak, Active Living Coordinator for Sustainable South Bronx. “We really want people to see the nicest part of the south Bronx, which is the area where these new green areas are, like Hunts Point Riverside Park and Barretto Park.”

Indeed, the run — or, if people prefer, the walk — will take them on a route that passes through a stretch of fresh, lush greenery. It’s a route that will be a little different from last year’s. The new route has one great hill, and then two smaller hills, whereas last year the route forced participants to ascend two huge hills right at the beginning of the race.

“It made it hard for people who don’t run normally,” said Ramsawak. The new route also stays on Hunts Point Avenue much longer, because SSBx wanted people in the neighborhood to see the runners. Prizes will go to the top-finishing man and woman in four age brackets.

Hipolito Almonte is a running fanatic who has taken part in the Hustle each year since its inception. “I’ve been running for 10 years, doing the New York Marathon and a bunch of half marathons,” said Almonte. Almonte brings his family members, employees, and friends out to the Hustle each year, always trying to recruit new runners. He’s excited about this year’s altered route.

In their flyer for the event, Sustainable South Bronx reminds Bronxites that the 5K race is “an opportunity to invest in the re-invigoration of the South Bronx.” On Saturday, they hope to see many people come out to invigorate themselves,.

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