Huge hollow tree a risk on Pelham Parkway

The huge tree in front of 1355 Pelham Parkway
Photos by Jason Cohen

A large tree on Pelham Parkway has a resident fearful for his family’s safety.

Noor Hasso has resided at 1355 Pelham Parkway North, for 13 years, but is concerned that a tree in front of his house is considered dangerous and may not only fall on his home, but may cause serious injury and/or death to his family.

Hasso reported this matter to 311/NYC parks commission on several occasions, but all went ignored. On one occasion an inspector recommended that it be removed, however that didn’t occur.

A Parks Department Spokesman told the Bronx Times the tree was deemed safe and was inspected for the third time last week.

“It was not found to be hollow and does not require removal at this time,” he said. “We have a work order in place for pruning and will re-inspect this tree in June to reassess its condition.”

In August 2020 the tree was inspected during Tropical Storm Isaias and then again in October 2020. Lastly on March 29, it was inspected for a third time and found to be in good condition with no hollow found to warrant removal.

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