Homeless man dies after falling in between subway cars

Homeless man dies after falling in between subway cars
Carlton Phaison, 63, fell between subway cars and was killed at Pelham Bay Park station.
Community News Group / Steven Goodstein

An IRT 6 train stop in the Bronx was recently the scene of a deadly accident.

On Sunday, March 8, a 63-year old homeless man was killed after standing in between subway cars on a Pelham Bay bound train train, attempting to urinate, according to police reports.

The accident occurred at about 6:45 a.m. at the Pelham Bay Park station, the last stop on the northbound 6 train.

The homeless man, Carlton Phaison, whose most recent residence was in Brooklyn, was accompanied by an unidentified acquaintance or friend riding inside the subway car when he decided to go in between cars to relieve himself.

While his friend watched his bags, Phaison left the subway car. According to reports, when the train turned, Phaison hit his head on the door handles and was killed when he fell between cars.

At around 8 a.m. that same morning, MTA workers found Phaison’s body on the tracks at the Pelham Bay Park station, more than an hour after the accident.

Police made the assumption that they believe he fell in between subway cars while attempting to stand between them and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The city’s medical examiner determined the cause of death to be blunt impact to the head with multiple skull fractures and brain injuries.

The MTA’s Rules of Conduct state that it is against the law for riders to move in between subway cars even if the train is not in motion, except in an emergency or when directed by a police officer, conductor or an authorized MTA or NYC Transit employee, and applies whether the train is moving or standing in a station.

Violators of this rule can be issued a $75 summons by an NYPD officer or NYC transit inspector who enforce the MTA Rules of Conduct.

Because of the MTA’s direct and strict policy, along with the fact that both Pelham Bay Park and Pelham Bay Park station are both equipped with bathrooms, it’s safe to say that this situation could have easily been avoided.

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