Holocaust remembrance special on Greek Jews to air on BronxNet

Photo – Modern Odyssey -Despina Afentouli + LarryRusso
Courtesy of BronxNet
A new special on BronxNet will explore the history of Jews during the holocaust in Greece.
The special will debut on the existing Modern Odyssey show and will first be airing Wednesday, January 27 at 8:30 am. with several replays throughout the week.
This show will provide in depth some history of Jews in Greece during World War II through the tellings of host Dr.Despina Afentouli through an in-depth interview with documentary director Lawrence Russo.
The special episode, titled International Holocaust Remembrance Day: Jews of Greece explores Russo’s documentary “Trezoros: The Lost Jews of Kastoria” tells of some of the oldest Jewish communities in history, the Jews of Greece.
“It demonstrates how Greek Orthodox leaders and the people of Greece risked their lives and stood up to Nazi oppression during the Nazi Occupation and the Holocaust to help save the fate of Jews across Greece,” according to the network.
Afentouli explained that the show will delve into seeking an “antidote” to the social pathogens of prejudice, discrimination and violence “to learn from the past to better understand the present and foster a better future.”
“We have the moral responsibility to preserve the collective memory and prevent such suffering. These stories need to be told because they matter to each and every one of us and I am grateful to be able to share them on BronxNet,” Afentouli added.
BronxNet executive director Michael Max Knobbe also connected the sharing of this unique history to that of the “diverse people that make up the Bronx.”
“Let us never forget. Our shared stories of struggles and triumphs contribute to greater understanding and unity.” Knobbe said.

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