Hit sensation from TV’s Riverdale hails from ‘the Neck’

Hit sensation from TV’s Riverdale hails from ‘the Neck’
Nico Bustamante.
Courtesy of Ian Redd

One of Hollywood’s newest, biggest little stars proudly hails from Throggs Neck.

He’s 13-year-old Nico Bustamante and he’s currently the most interesting plot twist on the CW’s show Riverdale as the lost boy.

In addition he has stolen the spotlight in many other movies and films.

Nico grew up like any other seventh grade kid in ‘the Neck’, he loves playing basketball in St. Theresa’s hoops league and football in Pelham Bay Park, is an avid Jets fan, and has an overwhelming admiration for Jennifer Anniston.

Growing up on Stadium Avenue was the perfect near-waterfront home for the rising star.

He was first noticed by Manhattan talent agents who realized that Nico could read like a true actor some years ago when he was nine-years-old.

Things took off for the young actor since then.

He found a spot on the popular FOX TV show and Batman prequel, ‘Gotham’, playing the orphan in the season four finale, and getting rubbed out in the Kevin Connolly film ‘Gotti’.

While on the set of Riverdale in Vancouver, Canada, the cast simply couldn’t get enough of Nico.

“They were so great to me. I learned so much from them,” Nico said stateside in his Bronx home, mentioning that his character is one of the more interesting ones to appear on the show.

While he wasn’t allowed to elaborate much on the four plot twists, Nico did say “they never really find an end to me,” in Season 3 where his character first appears.

Of course, now that he’s home Nico has a good amount of schoolwork to catch up on at I.S.192.

“It wasn’t until Riverdale that the other kids really payed attention to me,” Nico joked around.

“Sure they knew I was on TV and in movies but then it was like, ‘Oh wow, that’s the kid from Riverdale!’” he said, describing an ‘average’ day as a middle schooler.

Speaking of averages, Nico proudly maintains all 90 and above grades in his courses.

“I have very supportive teachers,” he said.

While filming on location, Nico works with tutor arranged by the SAG Union…that’s also why he only flies business class as well.

As far as his development goes as a performer, Nico is also being mentored by a well known, seasoned actor.

Now playing the role of a sensei more than a karate kid, Ralph Macchio has taken Nico under his wing.

“Ralph loves me,” Nico joked. The two had worked together on a Broadway show called ‘A Room of My Own.’ It was there that Nico would memorize Macchio’s lines and feed it to the veteran actor as the two grew fond of each other.

Macchio has since invited Nico and his family out to his vacation home and does whatever he can to propel the young actor’s career forward.

Being an avid Rangers fan, of course Macchio sent Nico his own New York Islanders bobble-head in good humor.

To learn more about Nico Bustamante’s extensive resume and recourring Riverdale role, visit his IMDb page: www.imdb.com/name/nm8520133/?ref_=nv_sr_1?ref_=nv_sr_1

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