Hess plans stalled at E. Tremont site

The former Shell station on the corner of Baisley and E. Tremont avenues (above) has remained vacant for more than one year. A Hess Express station was planned for the site.

When a long-time Shell station closed at the end of 2007, it seemed as if the site would soon house another gas station, as workers began converting the property into Hess’ eighth Bronx location.

At the time, the new gas station and convenience store was set to open by “mid-year” of 2008. The contract for the Shell station at the site, located on the corner of Baisley and E. Tremont avenues, expired in 2007.

But plans for the new gas station have been delayed, and the site has remained vacant for over a year.

“We are committed to building a new Hess Express at that location,” said Lorrie Hecker, director of communications for Hess Corporation. “However, we do not have an exact start date for construction at this time.”

This is an about face from January 2008, when it appeared, according to a Hess spokespeople, that the new station would open sometime in 2008.

“It certainly is an eyesore – it was a Shell station for as long as I have lived here,” said Mary Jane Musano, of the Waterbury LaSalle Community Association. “When the proposal for the gas station and convenience store first came before Community Board 10, we were not thrilled about the idea of a 24-hour convenience store at the location. However, something is better than nothing.”

Unlike the Shell station that formally occupied the site, the new gas station would be a “Hess Express,” and include a 2,000 square-foot convenience store at the site. According to Department of Buildings records the total building would be 2,500 square-feet. Hess would replace the site’s three 4,000-gallon tanks with four 10,000 gallon tanks.

Community Board 10 reviewed plans for the Hess station in July 2006, giving overall positive reviews to the company’s plan to beautify the corner, which has suffered from occasional graffiti and littering.

One can only speculate that the overall slowdown in the economy over the last year has contributed to what seems to be a decision to put the gas station’s opening on hold.

“I know that several months ago, they put up a work fence around the property and it seemed like construction was to take place soon,” Musano said. “I know a lot of people are waiting for Hess to come to the location because they are known as having some pretty good prices.”

Hess would not provide a full service station, according to Musano.

Those looking for gas in the area can go to neighboring BP, across from the site.

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