Hering Avenue ‘Castle’ Now a House of Horrors

One of oldest houses in Indian Village has become a nuisance for its neighbors.

The ‘castle’ at 2064 Hering Avenue was once the most recognizable sight in the community. The home was sold a few years ago to Tony Anzorino and he has been doing construction on the property nonstop, according to local residents.

The house, which does indeed look like it comes from the Medieval era, used to boast beautiful landscaping. Now, the property appears deserted, with a bare front yard, a large mound of sand, and a Dumpster that is always filled to the brim.

According to neighbors, Anzorino recently received approximately $8,000 in violations from the Department of Sanitation Police Force for placing freon-filled air conditioners into the garbage container.

Neighbors are not worried about the violation, however. Construction on the home itself is their main concern. Residents believe the owner is dumping garbage from other work sites into the Dumpster.

“You see vans pull up and a few workers take out garbage and throw it in the Dumpster. It used to be such a beautiful home, but now it’s nothing but an eyesore,” said a resident who asked to remain unnamed. “I’ve lived on this street my whole life and it’s always been a great place to live. I’ve known the owner of the home since before he moved in and he’s a great guy, but we just want the work to stop.”

This particular neighbor says he has seen all types of different work started on parts of the structure over the years, but all renovations have mysteriously stopped, making the property unbearable to neighbors.

The Dumpster is never covered and residents are worried as to its contents. Councilman Jimmy Vacca was notified and he and his staff are looking into the matter.

The backyard of the property, which can not be seen from the street, is completely dug up and his been for some time, according to one source.

A total of five neighbors were interviewed, and each of them have good relationships with Anzorino, but wish the house would look the way it did before he bought it.

“I wish it would all just end. I feel like it’s looked disgusting for years now,” said another resident. “We all want to keep our street clean, but who knows if what’s inside that Dumpster. That’s when we have to start worrying about our health and well being.”

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