Here’s to you, Stan Lee

Here’s to you, Stan Lee
AP/ Chris Pizzello


Well Stanley Martin Leiber, you did it. You created another universe in which we are all united against the forces of evil.

The Bronx and University Heights is proud to call you one of its alum, as is DeWitt Clinton High School.

When you created your condensed name into Stan Lee some years later, along came our beloved Avengers that duked it out with Thanos on the big screen this week, grossing a historic, record setting $1.481 billion worldwide.

You made your superheroes have mortal flaws, you made them just like us.

Stan, you showed us that there is good out there and why it is important to protect the people that can’t always do it for themselves. Not to mention, who doesn’t love a web-slinging, pizza loving photojournalist.

Other Bronx comic writers like Mario Simone and Rajive Anand learned from you and your classic narratives of good versus evil, a unique twist.

Each cameo you had on screen would make audiences in the Bronx and around the world applaud because it was a reminder of the years you gave to making people think, believe and dream.

Personally the Bronx Times enjoyed your final cinematic thriller the best, but don’t worry, we won’t spoil the endgame.