Health care company gives financial assistance to seniors during COVID-19

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Oscar Health helps seniors during COVID-19
Courtesy of Oscar Health

Older Americans are higher-risk for COVID-19, leading to increased isolation from social support networks and other assistance.

On May 7, tech-driven health insurer Oscar and Uno Health announced a partnering to help Oscar Medicare Advantage members unlock financial assistance, providing relief during the pandemic. Uno has helped Oscar Medicare Advantage members achieve an average financial assistance of more than $5,000 per member.

More than 25 million Americans aged 60 or older live on less than $30,000 per year. In fact, about half of Medicare members are eligible for financial assistance through government programs, but many have not enrolled in them often because they don’t know they exist or how to signup.

“Oscar is excited to be partnering with Uno to help our Medicare Advantage members access critical financial support during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Ananth Lalithakumar, who recently joined Oscar to lead the Medicare Advantage team. “Through seamless partnerships with innovative companies like Uno, Oscar expands the scope of support we offer our members to meet more of the needs that impact their health.”

Uno specializes in enrolling Medicare members in state and federal programs that offer financial assistance and has built a model that simplifies complex eligibility rules and applications into a single, streamlined process. The companies are working together to support Medicare Advantage members in New York and Texas.

Uno is targeting 70 percent of Oscar’s Medicare Advantage members for enrollment into at least one program.

“We’re excited to partner with Oscar on our mission to deliver a solution that addresses the root cause of social determinants of health,” says Anna De Paula Hanika, co-founder and CEO of Uno Health. “Our tight collaboration has allowed us to move quickly to respond to the needs of those most at-risk from COVID-19. In addition to unlocking critical financial assistance, we’ve been able to support members by getting groceries delivered to their homes, and matching those isolated with virtual companions.”

Uno has already supported many Oscar members like Patricia, a retired 73-year-old living in the Bronx, with her grandson, who was laid off when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Patricia struggled to afford monthly expenses with the $1,250 per month she receives from Social Security. Uno helped her identify and enroll in programs that totaled over $10,000 per year, including MSP (Medicare Savings Program), LIS / Extra Help SNAP, EPIC (Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Company) and Lifeline.

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