Group celebrates the 423rd birthday of Anne Hutchinson, known as the ‘Puritan foremother’

Enjoying the event are (l-r) Eleanor Rae, president and co-founder Hutchinson River Restoration Project (HRRP); Ted DeSoyza; Toby Liederman, event co-host and co-founder HRRP; Sister Margaret Ann Meyer, City Island, Medical Missionaries of Mary; Violet Smith, vice-president, HRRP; Norita Carlson, East Bronx History Forum member; and Jack Ullman, secretary, HRRP. Not shown but at the also at event is David Osborn, event co-host & site manager, St Paul’s Historic Landmark.
Photo courtesy of Jorge Santiago

In what is part of an annual celebration of the life of Anne Hutchinson (of Hutchinson River fame) a group of activists gathered recently for their annual celebration of her 423rd birthday. The celebration, held on Wednesday, July 23 and titled “A Clash of Cultures – Anne Hutchinson’s Brief Life Near St. Paul’s Church,” focused on the Purtian foremother’s experiences in the last days of her life near the Co-op City community and the neighboring area near St. Paul’s Church in Westchester County. Hutchinson was an early colonial settler of the area, and is known as an early advocate of free speech, women’s rights, and separation of church and state.

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