GRAPHIC IMAGES: Morris Park dog thrown in trash near supermarket

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A dog was found dead in a trash can in front of Big Deal Food Market
Photo via Google Maps

Warning: This story contains graphic photos which may be disturbing for some viewers.  

A dog was left for dead yesterday afternoon, as man’s best friend was found in a city trash can near the Community Board 11 office in front of Big Deal Food Market in Morris Park.

Anthony Logrippo, owner of The Reef Shoppe at 1741 Colden Ave., told the Bronx Times that he was alerted of a French bulldog in the garbage sometime late yesterday morning. As a dog owner himself, he rushed over to see what happened.

“This didn’t make sense because the dog had a collar and a leash,” he said. “You can see the dog was trying to get out. It’s just mind-blowing. It’s not right that someone should do this to an animal and go live their normal life.”

He made several attempts to contact the dog’s owner, but they could not be reached. The Bronx Times also had no luck.

Logrippo brought the dog to Dr. Sean Solomon at the Bronx County Animal Hospital at 988b Morris Park Ave.

“He looked like he had been dead for a little bit,” Solomon said. “We really didn’t know much about it besides the fact that he was in a garbage can. I’m sitting there thinking this dog was trying to get out.”

The doctor explained that bulldogs are prone to heat stroke, so very likely the dog passed out and the owner threw him in the trash thinking he was dead.

Solomon spoke to the NYPD who said they would follow up with him and talked to an employee from the supermarket.

According to Miguel Garcia, owner of Big Deal, there is footage of a man throwing the dog in the trash, but they cannot see their face.

He said one of his clerks witnessed it and ran and told the vet.

“It’s very sad,” he said. “I have a dog myself.  I feel bad about it.”

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