Girl scouts help furry friends

Girl Scouts Troop 1168 of P.S. 71 has collected supplies for pets in need, contributing the donation through the Middletown Animal Clinic. (L-r: top) Francine Milton, Dr. Chris Earle, Darcelle Boveri, Regina McCann, John Powers (l-r: bottom) Brooke Milton, 10, Gianna Boveri, 11, Brooke Monacl, 9, Serafina Fitcher, 10, Alexis Diaz, 10

The girl scouts at P.S. 71 are helping those who can’t help themselves, by donating supplies for our furry friends.

On Monday, May 18, Troop 1168 marched into the Middletown Animal Clinic, located 2968 Middletown Road, to deliver the goodies and receive a tour of the facility.

“I am very proud of the outcome and so happy they made such a contribution to the community,” said troop leader and parent, Darcelle Boveri.

The clinic had been collecting donations from the community and was thrilled to receive the support of the girl scouts.

“We started taking up collections for blankets, food, towels, toys, and basically any supplies for cats or dogs in November when I heard a representative from the Center for Animal Care and Control in Manhattan on the news saying how badly they were in need,” said Nancy Chiapperini, animal technician at the clinic.

According to Chiapperini, with the economy in trouble, shelters have become overcrowded, with more pets in need of homes and necessities.

“We are finding more animals on the streets and public housing is now putting in laws against certain dogs, only allowing pets up to a certain size, so many people have to get rid of them,” said Chiapperini.

They elected animals for their mission, earning community service hours through the supply collection. In an effort to earn the bronze award, the girls distributed posters and set up a collection box in the school lobby. They also designed and created unique toys.

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