Gallons of paint bring back the shine

(L-r) Ora Morrisan, Steven Whytey Cottrell, and Michael Morrisan at work cleaning the streets of City Island. Photo by Allen Spatz

Residents of City Island set out to clean up City Island Avenue recently by placing artwork in the windows of the thoroughfare’s vacant storefronts, as well as painting over a number of graffiti vandalized mailboxes and a picket fence at Bridge Street and City Island Avenue.

Senator Jeff Klein donated gallons of paint to the effort when City Island civic leaders gathered on a Saturday morning this month at 9 a.m. to fan out across the almost one and half mile length of City Island Avenue.

“Thanks to Senator Klein’s graffiti removal program, we were able to supply the paint to clean our neighborhood,” said resident Sue McGowan-Hayes. “This will go a long way to preserve City Island.

In addition to painting mailboxes, the volunteers also painted over graffiti on wooden construction fences and other locations near City Island Avenue. Klein later met with the event’s organizers to congratulate them on to their community consciences.

“I’m proud to assist City Islanders in maintaining a high quality of life in their community,” said Senator Klein.

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