Freedomland needed access

Dear editor,

“Co-op City thrilling ‘Freedomland’ history preserved” (Alex Mitchell — September 27) was a great trip down memory lane. The Freedomland theme park was a 60s Big Apple slice of America. It was a great place to learn about past history of our nation. As a child, a remember that admission to the Freedomland Amusement Park required use of a pure silver dollar. I managed to save several silver dollars not knowing what a great investment they would make decades later. I still have many fond childhood memories of visiting Freedomland in the Bronx along with mini amusement parks such as Adventurers Inn in Flushing, Queens and Kiddy City in Douglaston, Queens which have also come and gone decades ago.

One reason the Freedomland Amusement Park went out of business was the lack of access via public transportation access. The second was that it was only able to be open May thru October.

Why didn’t elected officials and transportation experts of that generation after Freedomland Amusement Park closed ever consider extending the #6 subway line beyond the Pelham Bay Park Station terminal to directly into Co-op City? Imagine how many thousands of Co-op City residents would have benefited by a one trip subway ride versus having a two-trip bus to subway commute?.

Larry Penner

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