Freedomland: America’s Theme Park DVD, Volume 2 released

Ten years after the release of Freedomland: America’s Theme Park DVD that provided the history of the construction and highlights of the attractions of this huge Bronx theme park in from 1960 to 64, Volume 2 has been released.

While Volume One featured an in-depth study of the creation of the park and its attractions through photos, film and the actual voices of the executives and performers, the latest DVD creates a whole different experience, and features a rare 15-minute tour of the park.

The rescued film was originally used as a short that was presented during movie theater intermissions, and even on some local TV stations, to promote the park. It tells the story of a young boy’s visit and the excitement he felt during the visit. The youngster relates that he attended kid-show legend Chuck McCann’s Halloween Show, and he talks about Sandy Becker’s performance at the Hollywood Arena where a precarious situation developed.

Also featured are comments from boat captains running the Northwest Fur Trapper Ride and the New York Harbor tug boats.

The DVD contains a tour of one of the sternwheelers owned by Bill Frenz, ‘The American’, which survived after Freedomland closed as a party boat until the end of 2018.

Extremely rare photos of Freedomland during the winter months that were taken by one of the park’s publicity photographers, Ed Schmidt, while the park was closed are also included. Schmidt shares some fantastic personal stories about Freedomland.

Also highlighted is the dedication ceremony of the Freedomland Plaque Memorial at Co-op City, held on August 17 2013.

The DVD is the perfect addition for all Freedomland fans and amusement park buffs.

The creator and narrator of both DVDs, Bob Mangels, was born in the Bronx, has been a longtime Freedomland fan and historian of the park and has befriended a number of Freedomland performers and employees of the park. He has also written a number of articles on Freedomland, it’s history and attractions.

Bob, was instrumental in the creation of the Co-op City plaque memorial.

A video link to the trailer about the new DVD is available on the Freedomland website,

The cost of the DVD, that runs approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes, includes an actual silver dollar-size token that was used at the park for a one-year $26 admission. All orders are express mailed.

For further information contact Bob Mangels at (585) 593-6070 or email him at

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