FP community: pave and name bridge road

With the future of ‘Ring Road’ a subject of great debate between community organizations in Ferry Point, residents feel one thing is certain; for the safety of the public, the road needs an official name. Photo by Victor Chu

Controversy has developed in the Ferry Point community over what is known as the ‘Ring Road,’ though all parties agree a course of action is necessary.

The presently unnamed road, which is known for its distinctive shape, loops underneath the Whitestone Bridge and has become a hot topic in the Ferry Point community for residents who want it paved and officially named.

According to Dorothea Poggi of Ferry Point Community Advocates and the Friends of Ferry Point Park, having the road remain unnamed poses a risk to people injured within Ferry Point Park because emergency vehicles are unable to locate the road.

“This is a serious danger because if anything happens, the ambulance can not find the park,” said Poggi. “They go by what’s on the computer and the road is not named.”

Additionally, the road is in extremely poor condition with large potholes and an uneven pavement making the road difficult for vehicles to use, including the numerous trucks from the nearby Pepsi Bottling Plant.

Currently, the road can only be accessed during daylight hours due to a Homeland Security restriction.

Ferry Point Community Advocates wants the road kept off limits during the night to prevent vandalism near the park, while the Ferry Point Civic Association would like to see the road re-opened 24/7 as an alternative route for residents to exit the neighborhood.

Despite this dispute, both groups agree naming the road is essential. Ken Kerns, district manager of Community Board 10, said the board supports the naming.

“Right now the paving will be difficult, but at least we can try to get it named for public safety purposes,” said Kerns. “A lot of people use the park and if injured it is hard to dispatch an ambulance over there.”

Senator Jeff Klein has also been active is helping residents find a solution to the problem.

“There are number of factors to consider regarding this road,” said Klein. “Any solution that we work out must take into account the public safety concerns of Ferry Point Park, the Homeland Security concerns of the bridge, and–most importantly–the concerns of the residents of Ferry Point. My office is working with the Parks Department, the MTA, Homeland Security and the community to find the best solution.”

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