Foul language removed from wall

Councilman Jimmy Vacca helped bring relief to the neighborhood, pressuring Washington Mutual, located 3008 Buhre Avenue, to remove the curse words displayed in graffiti along the exterior of the building. Photo by Amanda Marinaccio

Washington Mutual has finally cleaned up its act, removing the obscene language painted on the building by vandals.

For months Bronxites have had to turn away as they passed by the 3008 Buhre Avenue location, damaging the quality of life for residents and negatively influencing the children of the nearby P.S. 71, located 3040 Roberts Avenue.

“There was graffiti all over the WaMu bank, it’s getting out of hand. I am a local owner and I’m worried it will depreciate the value in the area,” said a native Bronxite wishing to remain anonymous.

Several months ago, Councilman Jimmy Vacca passed by and was appalled by the exterior display.

“Now that the weather’s getting warmer, it’s time to get rid of all the graffiti that’s popped up over the last few months,” said Vacca. “Our property owners need to know that they have a responsibility to keep their storefronts clean.”

Seeing no action taken, Vacca returned a second time on Thursday, February 26, to issue a final warning for the removal of the horrific word displayed along the right side of the building.

Over one week later, on Friday, March 6, the graffiti was painted over, restoring the buildings cleanliness.

“In the case of the Washington Mutual branch on Buhre Avenue, I went into the bank twice and was ready with a can of paint myself if the offensive curse words were not removed,” said Vacca. “I am glad they lived up to their good neighbor responsibilities and I hope others will now take note if they are part of the problem rather than part of the solution.”

Residents of the area were glad to see the filthy words removed, but remain concerned about other locations, such as along the two adjacent buildings off of the roof of WaMu, hoping landlords will pay more attention to the maintenance of their buildings in the summer months.

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