Fordham Road BID holds 4th annual meeting

On Thursday, June 4 the Fordham Road Business Improvement District held the Fourth Annual Meeting at the Bronx Library Center to discuss past accomplishments, future plans, and honor those who have provided a great service to the BID. (L-r) Wilma Alonso, BID executive director, Deputy Inspector James Alles, Daniel Bernstein, BID deputy director, Albert Alvarez, representative of Councilman Joel Rivera. Courtesy of the Fordham Road BID

Wrapping up another successful year, the Fordham Road Business Improvement District held their Fourth Annual meeting to discuss past initiatives and plans for the future.

On Thursday, June 4, over 60 business and property owners were present at the Bronx Library Center, located 310 E. Kingsbridge Road, to view a presentation on the accomplishments of the BID and the numerous marketing campaigns, including the Third Annual Fordham Road ‘Advantage’ Program.

This program uses an advertising brochure, named the ‘Passport to Fordham Road,’ with the participation of over 80 merchants, to target members of local colleges and institutions.

The BID also attracted visitors with community events such as the Fordham Road Renaissance Festival in the fall and the Fourth Annual ‘Sparkling the Heart of Fordham’ during the Holiday season.

Katherine Mateo and Carlos Beato became the marketing representatives for the BID after winning the youth driven ‘Faces of Fordham Road’ competition.

Joining the green initiative, the BID also partnered with the New York City Department of Sanitation and the Department of Parks and Recreation to add recycling receptacles and launch a ‘Pick Up Litter Day.’ In May, for the second year, the BID hosted the Fordham Go Green Walk into Poe Park, with a community festival was held.

Lighting up the streets, the Fordham Road Streetscape Master Plan designed a $ 1.4 million project for the BID that installed historic ‘M’ pole street lights along the corridor.

“I think in the last year we accomplished a lot, more than we thought we would,” said Daniel Bernstein, deputy executive director. “We had more marketing programs and an expansion of our current services.”

Future plans for the BID include the expansion of the many existing campaigns and festivals to attraction an even larger expanse of visitors and shoppers to the district.

The board is also considering the installation of security measures, such as surveillance cameras and the formation of a BID security patrol, though funding is uncertain so plans remain in the very early stages.

“In the next year we will see a lot more capital improvement projects, some of our park projects and new aspects of our master plan will come to fruition,” said Bernstein. “We are researching ways to add security and looking into ways of obtaining grants and sponsorships.”

The guest speaker for the meeting was Commanding Officer of the 52nd Precinct, Deputy Inspector James Alles. Honored during the gathering were Captain Philip Rivera, of the 52nd Precinct, and Captain Jon Bloch, of the 46th Precinct, for their service to the BID.

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