Fire shower for CI blaze victims

To relieve the distress and burden felt by the victims of the recent City Island fire, community members are stepping up to help by organizing a fire shower.

The devastating fire at 240 City Island Avenue, in the wee hours of Tuesday, January 6, engulfed a storefront property and the apartments above, leaving several residents’ apartments destroyed.

Since the tragedy, City Island has united to support their fellow Islanders and provide the much needed relief during their troubling times by collecting money, clothing and household items.

“I feel that in a time of need people should come together and help those that may be less fortunate and have undergone some tragedy,” said Diane Pena, who assisted in organizing the event as well as initiating a collection at I.S. 318. “We live in a community where everyone knows everyone, if not by name then by face, and when we realized there were so many people affected by the fire we wanted to help.”

In addition to the numerous everyday necessities collected, several City Island residents put together a ‘fire shower’ to gather more donations and lift the victims’ spirits.

Businesses on City Island, including Arties, City Island Pharmacy, City Island Deli, Personal Touch Hair Salon, J.P.s, Crab Shanty, City Island Liquor Store, Seafood City, Papa Johns, Fellas, Seashore, Black Whale, City Island Diner, I.G.A., and Library Bar offered their services or provided donations for the event.

“All the businesses have been overwhelming supportive and very kind and I think there are still more to come,” said Gigi Lyons, who has been dedicating her time and efforts towards organizing the shower for friend Mary Henry and other affected tenants. “The residents on the island have been exceptionally giving, the generosity was amazing.”

Raffles will occur throughout the night and a DJ will provide musical entertainment.

“We just want everyone to get together, have some fun and try to lift the spirits of the residents and shower them with gifts,” said Lyons.

The fire shower will take place on Friday, January 16, at 7 p.m. at Breakers, located 247 City Island Avenue, and all are welcome to participate. Guests attending are asking to bring a gift, something new or in fairly good condition, or a contribution of some kind, such as a monetary donation or food for the event.

“I am really thrilled and overwhelmed by the kindness of everyone on City Island, especially Gigi and Diane who helped me get an apartment and get my life back together,” said Henry, who lost her home of ten years.

City Island blaze victims

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