Fine Fare unveils classy improvements

Produce manager Hugo Sanchez and store manager Jose Santiago show off Fine Fare’s fresh vegetables. Photo by Robert Benimoff

Many food shoppers in Throggs Neck now have a much more enjoyable experience as they shop at Fine Fare at 3680 E. Tremont Avenue.

While the store is always clean and well-stocked, new ceramic tiling and a completely revamped deli counter are some of the renovations creating a better overall shopping experience, according to its owner.

Owner Miguel Luna proudly said that the new ceramic tiling covering 12,000 square feet of the store is welcoming because it is just like the floors that can be found in many home’s kitchens.

His deli stocks Boar’s Head cold cuts, Finlandia Imported Swiss Cheese, and Mastro Classico Proscuttio. His new refrigerated fruit case promises to make shopping easier for those seeking mouthwatering, fresh produce.

“The remodeling took place recently, over the past month or so,” Luna said. “After we finished, business increased.”

Luna said that the reason that he is investing money into the business is that he wants to provide not only the best food, but also the highest quality shopping experience.

“People from Throggs Neck come into the store to shop because they like the atmosphere,” Luna said. “The new deli is full service and it offers every kind of meat and cheese you could think of. We get fresh deliveries of fruits and vegetables every day.”

Luna said that he thinks the reason his store has succeeded for the past six years is a direct result of his commitment to making continual improvements. Luna’s store replaced a former C-Town supermarket.

Now the store is a vibrant part of the E. Tremont Avenue shopping strip: a neighborhood supermarket that all in the community can use. Luna has received three plaques recognizing his commitment to the serving the neighborhood.

Shopper Emelia Paese said that she was impressed by the amount of work that Luna put into making his store welcoming.

“This tile floor is so nice that you could put it into your own house,” Paese said. “I love shopping here because the shelves are always well-stocked and they don’t have sales on items that are not in the store when you get there.”

Councilman Jimmy Vacca, who does all of the food shopping for his family, is a regular at the supermarket and congratulated its owner for his investment in his business.

“Mr. Luna’s Fine Fare and Bruckner Boulevard’s Foodtown have provided local supermarkets for Throggs Neck, which other communities lack,” Vacca said. “The store has a good selection and it is well-maintained.”

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