Fidelis Healthcare plan opens Bronx store

One of the largest health plans in the State now has an office in the Bronx.

Fidelis Care, the non-profit New York State Catholic Health Plan that serves over 910,000 New Yorkers, cut the ribbon at its new community office at 815 E. Tremont Ave. Friday, Nov. 15.

“We’re excited to finally have that face-to-face interaction with the community,” said George Rodriguez, the new office’s director of marketing.

Loads of Bronxites had already been using Fidelis’ services, but the healthcare giant hope that its physical office in a nabe with the state’s highest number of Medicaid patients will push that number even higher.

Fidelis already had offices in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan, but had yet to put its roots down in the borough.

“It’s about having a place for people to come in, sit down and have that important talk about what works for them,” Rodriguez said.

Locals are encouraged to stop by Fidelis’s office, open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m to 5:30 p.m, to learn about their various healthcare options – especially navigating through the confusing new federal Health Insurance Marketplace.

Fidelis offers four different Marketplace care designs, each named after a metal —platinum, gold, silver and bronze — and each engineered for specific income brackets. Rodriguez said that many folks might be surprised to find out what they do qualify for.

“Once you put a price associated with healthcare, people start panicking,” he said, “But the people who have come in so far are finding that they can afford it. There were some people making a few dollars too much to qualify, but now we have an option for them.”

The facility offers recertification of plans as well as services for those who need to change their provider.

Its Child Health Plus, Family Health Plus and Medicaid Managed Care plans are state-sponsored and cover members for a slew of medical needs including: regular checkups, preventative care, emergency care, eye exams and dental work.

Medicare Advantage, known sometimes as “Part C” coverage, is available for qualifying seniors aged 65 and older. Fidelis also offers Managed Long Term Care at Home for those who want to avoid a nursing home.

The Bronx facility announced its Tremont presence in loud fashion on Nov. 15, blasting Reggaeton from speakers on the sidewalk outside the storefront. Balloons hung from the ceiling, and the staff stood smiling at their desks, ready to tackle the community’s questions.

“We’ve always been serving these people,” Rodriguez said, “but now we can do it in person.”

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