Ferry Point asks for Brush Ave. repaving, line

With ever increasing traffic due to a recently opened Home Depot store, and a soon to open Pepsi bottling plant on Brush Avenue, the Ferry Point community is asking for some much needed infrastructure improvements that go beyond just patch work.

The Ferry Point Civic Association, Inc. has reached out to Community Board 10, as well as elected officials like Senator Jeff Klein, asking that a repaving project for all of Brush Avenue, the Hutchinson River Parkway service road, as well as residential streets in the community, be included in next year’s capital budget for repaving.

“We have huge potholes on the corner of Bruckner and Brush avenues, and Home Depot has only repaired part of the street,” said JoAnne Sohmers, president of FPCA. “I know that asphalt is really expensive, but Brush Avenue really is a horror, and the other streets haven’t been paved in over 25 years.”

Sohmers said the proposal has been submitted to Department of Transportation by CB 10 many times, but has yet to be approved in any year’s budget. The current proposal is for the 2009-10 New York City capital budget.

“FPCA has submitted a proposal for the City’s 2009-10 capital budget, asking for street repaving,” said CB 10 district manager Kenneth Kearns. “We put it into our budget requests that we submit to city agencies.”

CB 10 is currently in the process of assessing the needs of the communities and contrasting them against the resources of city agencies, in a dialogue with city officials and their representatives. 

The FPCA has asked that three side streets, with many private homes, also be repaved: Senger, Wenner, and Rohr places running between the Hutchinson River Parkway service road and Brush Avenue.

   Except for a partial repaving over 20 years ago, the side streets have not seen a steamroller in an even longer period of time.

Klein sent a letter to DOT Borough Commissioner Constance Moran on July 22 asking that a complete traffic study be conducted, and measures be considered to maintain the infrastructure of Brush Avenue for the local residents.

Klein’s letter also addressed another concern of the residents, the lack of a painted double yellow line on Brush Avenue to indicate that it is a two way street, and prevent motorists from drifting too far in either direction as they navigate through the thoroughfare.

“Please let us know whether a study is a viable option, and if so, the timeframe for its competition,” Klein asked of Moran. 

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