Fallen tree branches need clearing

Tree, tree go away.

A fallen street tree down for a month has raised concerns for a community leader, and he hopes the city will remove its limbs.

Lou Rocco, who has been outspoken about improving the quality of life in Westchester Square and Zerega, said that branches from a tree on Benson Street near the corner of Frisby Avenue are a safety hazard because the sidewalk is completely blocked.

Additionally, he is concerned that the fallen branches block the line of sight for police officers, and make it easier for crimes,like drug dealing, to occur.

After the rape of a 79-year-old woman in an apartment building at 1400 Benson Street on Monday, July 19, Rocco said that he wants to make sure all streets and intersections in the community are clear so that police can apprehend a suspect.

Rocco said he doesn’t understand why the city has not remove dthe fallen street tree after a storm knocked down part of it over a month ago. It was damaged during a storm onMonday, July 26 that touched down as a tornado in some areas of the Bronx, with winds of up to 100 miles-per-hour.

“It is important that we have a clear line of sight on this street, especially since the rape that occurred nearby,” Rocco said. “We are trying to keep all of the intersections in the community clear, and this tree needs to be removed.”

Shamel Chowdyry, who lives on Benson Street, said that he was concerned about the tree, whose branches have damaged a fence of a house on his block. He said that having the tree branches blocking the sidewalk could be dangerous because they force pedestrians into the street. He noted that Frisby Avenue is especially busy with both foot traffic and cars.

“This tree has been down since the last big storm, the tornado, and no one has done anything about it.” Chowdyry said.

Community Board 10 has received numerous complaints about the downed tree branches, and has reached out to the Parks Department to expedite its removal.

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