Expressive art introduced to Triboro Center residents

Expressive Art Comes to Triboro.v1
Recreation Leader Eimy Rodriguez gives a hand to resident Antonia Rivera-Aviles as she creates the skeletal body of her flowers using a plastic fork.
Photo courtesy Triboro Center

New creative techniques in the form of expressive art has enabled the residents at Triboro Center on Teller Avenue to think outside the box when painting a cheerful outdoor seen.

Painting flowers can be seen every day with the residents as it makes them feel happy but using a plastic fork, for example, can give them a new avenue when creating plants and flowers on paper. Nearly 25 Triboro residents took part in expressive art techniques during the week of Aug. 30.

“It’s great seeing the residents opening up their minds with expressive art,” said Rose Ferreira, recreation director at Triboro Center.  “Expressive art is for our residents to help discover who they are and have become thru all the changes they’ve undergone. It helps lower stress, focus, helps self-esteem, autonomy, emotional growth and allows their creativity to shine. It’s very beneficial for our residents and they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, don’t believe it.”

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