Eric Prydz brings legendary HOLO show to the Bronx

Eric Prydz mixing in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Eric Prydz/Twitter

One of the most legendary DJs of all time is debuting a show never before seen in North America, and it will premiere in the Bronx this winter.

Swedish house producer Eric Prydz, known widely throughout the genre for massive hits like ‘Opus’, ‘Pjanoo’, ‘Liberate’, and of course ‘Call On Me’ (don’t expect to hear it live), sold out the venue’s capacity three consecutive nights at the New York Expo Center in less than a day when tickets went on sale for the Hunts Point show the morning of Tuesday, September 10.

While Prydz is no stranger to New York performances, he’ll be bringing a much different kind of show than his American audiences are used to, a much more visual one.

Light shows are a bit of a given when it comes to dance and EDM acts, though Prydz is on another level with his HOLO show, which illuminates the tops of concert halls with legitimately lifelike, holographic imagery.

Lifelike Swedish astronauts, holospheres that look like part of a Star Wars film, pseudo thunder and rain storms, and electric blue DNA strands are just some of the advanced motion graphics that have been displayed throughout Europe and elsewhere in Prydz’s coveted HOLO shows, part of the DJ’s sixth rendition of his EPIC tours.

What’s equally as impressive with Prydz’s holograms are the massive scale that they cover in many a mega venue.

As a matter of fact, his HOLO show is the largest of its kind in the world.

Prydz has also openly admitted that he loses money on the massive budget for his HOLO shows require and that the performance really serves as a thank you to his massive, worldwide following that’s stuck with him throughout his almost 20-year career behind the decks.

The New York Expo Center’s conversion from operating as a processing facility for New York Organic Fertilizer Company to a 60,000 square foot concert venue has made Prydz’s inaugural show possible, since HOLO requires an enormous space and resources that many other venues around the city, specifically in Brooklyn, aren’t equipped to provide.

The holosphere alone weights about five tons, which he’s teased on social media along with the opening visuals for the show.

If you somehow manage to dig up tickets for the sold out shows from Friday, December 27 to Sunday, December 29 be prepared for one of the most electric nights of your life.

Good luck beating this one, Chainsmokers.

The holosphere from EPIC 6.0.
Eric Prydz/Twitter

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