Editorial: No end to borough’s palate-pleasing restaurant offerings

Reporter Alex Mitchell at Beatstro during Savor The Bronx.
Adiana Rivera

Since most Bronx restaurants snubbed NYC’s Restaurant Week, allow this reporter to give you a sample guide to our fabulous uptown cuisine.

Given that participating in the week long, citywide food fest comes at a hefty cost for the restaurants, it’s hard to blame the Bronx restauranteurs that didn’t have enough of an appetite to sign on.

Let’s start in the eastern part of the borough, a goldmine for some of the best gosh-darn Italian food there is outside of Arthur Avenue.

Then head over to Louie and Ernie’s on Crosby Avenue for a quick slice that will surely satisfy your pallet. While they’re famously known for their sausage slice, personally I believe that the tomato and mozzarella one does the trick as well.

A few blocks over, under the Pelham Bay IRT el, you’ll find the recently opened, sensational Oricio’s at the Buhre stop and the recently replated Villa Barone Trattoria at the Pelham Bay Park station.

If you’re looking for a more sit down, Italian experience then head to Patricia’s of Morris Park Avenue for some of the best chicken parmesan that there is.

Of course, heading to the hallowed ground of Arthur Avenue would never disappoint either. Antonio’s, Rigoletto’s, Mario’s and many others – just pick any one of them!

Now, if you’re searching out the best burger in New York then a stop on Bruckner Boulevard is necessary.

Down there in Mott Haven you’ll find Milk Burger, a place that Anthony Bourdain himself raved over.

I like keeping things classic personally, so a double cheeseburger cooked medium with cheese fries and an Oreo shake does the trick each time for me.

What’s Bronx cuisine without a splash of Puerto Rico, though? Continue down Bruckner Boulevard to reach Empanology beneath the Third Avenue Bridge. Or East Tremont Avenue: Havana, Made in Puerto Rico, Mamajuana’s or Traversa.

While the portrait of former New York Knicks greats’ may break your heart at Empanology, Jason Alicea’s OG chopped cheese empanadas will certainly mend it back together.

Since I would need an entire issue of the Bronx Times Reporter to list out all of the culinary gems in the borough, I’ll leave off with a few other favorites of mine: Beatstro, Bricks and Hops, Bronx Drafthouse, Porto Salvo, Kingsbridge Social Club, Salsa Con Fuego and the Bronx Night Market on Saturday evenings at Fordham Plaza as well!

One Bronx restaurant did fork over the funds to participate in NYC Restaurant Week. And we salute its owner, Spiro Chagaves. Here’s to you Artie’s Steak and Seafood on City Island, for showing downtown Brooklyn what the Bronx has to offer.

by Alex Mitchell

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