Edenwald Houses Resident Receives Presidential Award

E’lyse Murray’s framed Presidential Achievement Award and seal from former president Obama.
Photo courtesy of Betty Murray

The Bronx’s very own E’lyse Murray received a Presidential Achievement Award, letter and a seal from the President Barack Obama in recognition of volunteering over 4,000 hours toward the community.

The Edenwald Houses resident and E’lyse Group 7 Entertainment Agency owner became proactive with the Bronx Lupus Foundation after being diagnosed with the chronic, autoimmune disease.

Murray travels around the nation as ‘E’lyse Murray Speak’ educating, defending and walking for Lupus awareness.

She also serves on the Pantry Projects board in conjunction with Minnie’s Food Pantry and as community outreach for ‘Spirit of Sisterhood’.

Murray took on the project to help provide lunch or dinner in restaurants for NYC Omega Black College Tour students while visiting historical black colleges in the south.

E’lyse Murray proudly displayed her framed Presidential Achievement Award.
Photo courtesy of Betty Murray

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