East Bronx tops clean street list

It’s been clean sailing for the east Bronx, at least as far as street and sidewalks are concerned.

The city’s latest street cleanliness rankings have Community Board 11 – which covers Bronxdale, Laconia, Pelham Gardens, Pelham Parkway, Morris Park and Van Nest – tops in clean streets, with an average 99.1 percent rate of streets deemed clean over the Quarter that includes July, August and September.

Community Board 10, which covers a large swath of the east-most east Bronx, leads the way in cleanest sidewalks, sporting a spiffy 99.4 rate over the same time span.

The Mayor’s Office of Operations assembles the rankings based on a series of factors, including rate and amount of littering, how well a community complies with Alternative Side Parking regulations and how often a community commits Health Code violations.

They break the rankings down into separate street and sidewalk categories.

CB11 Chairman Anthony Vitaliano was pleased to hear that his hood had the cleanest streets in town in the last three months.

“I gotta give credit where it’s due, to the people who live here,” he said. “Everyone takes take of their house. They give a damn.”

He also deferred credit to Vincent Granieri, the Superintendent in charge of sweeping the area’s streets.

“Right now I’ve got no complaints,” he said. “Vince is doing a dynamite job.”

The city measures its street cleanliness rankings by the fiscal year, which begins every July. In the last fiscal year, which ended this July, CB10 was tops in both street and sidewalk cleaning.

Community Board 8, which covers Riverdale, Kingsbridge and Fieldston, finished in second place in both categories last fiscal year. CB 11 is eyeing at least that spot, if not even higher for the entire fiscal year.

“We’re honored to be No.1, we strive to be No.1, and we need to stay there,” Vitaliano said. “It’s about policing your own property.”

Manhattan and Staten Island top the list for cleanest sidewalks in the last three months, with The Bronx ranking ahead of only Brooklyn.

But in terms of borough streets, it’s Staten Island taking the cake, with a clean street percentage of over 97 percent. The Boogie-Down’s borough-wide ranking in that category is over 94 percent, ahead of both Manhattan and Brooklyn, by the city’s count over the last three months.

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