East Bronx community leaders share their wish list for 2015

One community leader, when asked about what she would like to see happen in her neighborhood in 2015, said she would like to see this stretch of Brush Avenue in Ferry Point with better paving.
Community News Group / Photo by Patrick Rocchio

Community leaders have a long wish-list for what they would like to see in their neighborhoods and community boards for the new year.

From Co-op City to Ferry Point, and Morris Park to City Island, there are a plethora of issues ranging from building infrastructure to communicating with government agencies that local leaders want to deal with.

Martin Prince: Community Board 10 chairman and Co-op City resident

Prince said that he hopes in the coming year that CB 10 and city agencies, in particular the Department of Homeless Services and Department of City Planning, could have better communication and collaboration with the board.

“I would like to look for the future growth of my board and the Bronx itself,” he said “And you cannot do that without coordination.”

In Co-op City, he will look to assess the impact of the opening of the Mall at Bay Plaza in terms of traffic, but he added that so far, the impact in Section 5 has not appeared to have been as significant as once thought.

Tony Vitaliano: Community Board 11 chairman, from Pelham Gardens

Vitaliano said much the same thing that Martin Prince said when asked about his wishes for the community and CB 11 for 2015. He hoped that he could help ensure that either the proper city commissioners or elected offices address community concerns as they arise.

“Various issues come up throughout the year, and hopefully after we document our case, we are able to make a positive impact at the community board level,” he said.

Tony Signorile: president of the Morris Park Community Association

Let’s help and support our police, said Signorile.

“I would like to see peace, tranquility, and people trying to get along with everyone,” he said. “Support the police department. They are our heart and soul. Just like soldiers, they are on our front lines trying to protect us. And they do need support from the entire community.”

Lisa Sorin: Westchester Square Business Improvement District director

“For Wetschester Square, I would love to see a boost in the quality or mix of retail stores,” she said, adding that this is especially true in the areas of women’s and children’s clothing.

“I find that Morris Park needs to market itself better,” she said, adding she feels it needs to get back a smaller, suburban feeling, and wants to bring back the ‘Morris Park’ name. She added that the Morris Park community has many good restaurants.

John Doyle: board member of both the City Island Civic Association and the 45th Precinct Community Council

Doyle said his community wish for 2015 is “that the 45th Precinct Council achieves 501(c)(3) non profit status so we can direct funds to crime prevention efforts in all the communities the council serves.”

Dotti Poggi: Ferry Point and environmental activist

Poggi would like to see better a roadway, asphalt over a concrete base, in front of residential homes on Brush Avenue in Ferry Point, along with better street drainage.

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