Drunk driver destroys fence, wrecks 2 cars

A startling drunk-driving crash destroyed a canopied fence and concrete barrier of a Waterbury-LaSalle home, and stopped just short of a porch where it’s residents usually enjoy the summer weather.

Two cars parked in the driveway of Ronnie Feimer’s home at 2979 Zulette Avenue were damaged, and the fence line of his house was literally torn out of the ground when a motorist identified as Stephan Alicea, lost control of his car. 

Alicea, who reportedly lives at Crosby and Dudley avenues, allegedly failed a breathalyzer at the scene and was arrested.

The driver tore through the quiet residential street out of control at approximately 9:30 p.m. on August 26, after making a wild turn off Crosby Avenue, according to witnesses

“If this had happened a few minutes earlier, it could have hurt or even killed my wife and daughter who were outside where the accident occurred,” Feimer said. “My daughter was coming home from work at Key Food, and it was also her first day of college.”    

Alicea, who was driving a 2008 black Nissan, was charged with operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. If convicted, he could receive up to a year in jail.

“While this is really horrible, it could have been worse and thank good no one was injured,” said Mary Jane Musano, of the Waterbury-LaSalle Community Association. “I guess the question is now who is going to pay for the damage to the homeowner’s property?”

Alicea was unavailable for comment, but according to a source at the scene, police at the scene felt that besides being drunk, other substances may have been present that contributed to the erratic behavior that caused the crash.

“I think that he thought that he was turning onto Dudley Avenue, because that is where his mother and father live,” Feimer continued.

If that’s the case, Alicea certainly missed his destination point.  “My Toyota Highlander was badly damaged, and my father-in-law’s car was also hit by the side of his car as he smashed into the fence,” Feimer added. 

He also said that as far as Alicea’s reputation in the neighborhood goes, it wasn’t very stellar either.

“From what I hear, from several people that I have talked to, including cops at the scene, he is a troubled kid, who likely has some sort of problem,” Feimer noted. “However, the first thing that he did after the accident was stumble out of his car and run to get his mother and father. He is only about 20-years-old.”

Feimer’s car was towed to the 45th Precinct.


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