Drug Bust at Pelham Parkway Houses

The Pelham Parkway Houses was the site of a successful drug bust operation last Wednesday, according to police.
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A successful drug bust operation was conducted last week at the Pelham Parkway Houses resulting in ten arrests, police said.

According to a NYPD spokesman, nine residents from the Pelham Parkway Houses and a 1428 Webster Avenue resident were arrested on Wednesday, July 8 for selling cocaine and marijuana which they distributed throughout the housing development.

The alleged perpetrators arrested as a result of the Bronx Narcotics take down within the Pelham Houses were Robinson Baez; Nilsa Rivera; Edwin Vargas; Gary Adamson; Erasmo Concepcion; Ively Acosta; Richard Vasquez; Lawrence Fowler; Jamel Williams from 1428 Webster Avenue and Brandon Mullings, the spokesman said.

Police said all the individuals face a felony charge of criminal sale of a controlled substance in the third degree.

The case was initiated by the Bronx Narcotics Division and a year-long investigation was conducted targeting these specific individuals, he added.

The investigation into this case is still ongoing, the NYPD spokesman said.

Local community leaders and elected officials expressed their gratitude for law enforcement’s handling of the situation and explained the significance behind last Wednesday’s drug bust.

“This is a major drug bust and it indicates that we have a serious problem in the Pelham Parkway Houses that we need to be addressing,” Councilman James Vacca said. “I’m glad that this joint effort by all police branches has resulted in this outcome and I want to thank them for making these arrests.”

Councilman Vacca explained although he allocated money several months ago for total security camera coverage at Pelham Parkway Houses, it unfortunately has not deterred criminal activities there.

“We all have to continue being vigilant and keep up police actions in situations such as these,” the councilman added. “If residents see any criminal activity happening there, they have to let law enforcement know immediately.”

According to Anthony Vitaliano, Community Board 11 chairman, the board received numerous complaints about a year ago regarding drugs, including marijuana, at the Pelham Parkway Houses.

“The people from the Pelham Parkway Houses have complained to the 49th Precinct and to the Bronx Narcotics Division about narcotics at that location and a thorough year-long investigation was initiated resulting in ten arrests there. This is a job well done by the NYPD,” Vitaliano said.

“This reassures the public and residents that direct actions are being taken by law enforcement in order to address their concerns especially those involving drugs in their community,” Joseph Thompson, 49th Precinct Council president said.

“I think this is terrific and there should be more drug busts in the whole Pelham Parkway area,” Edith Blitzer, Pelham Parkway Neighborhood Association chairwoman expressed.

“The 49th Precinct is very well organized and I hope the new captain will really come down hard on the drug dealers here.”

“We need more officers patrolling the streets because if these dealers saw them, they would be more leery of what they’re selling out on the streets,” she added.

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