DOT’s bus stop move leaves passenger stranded

A disabled Parkchester resident feels stranded after the elimination of a Bx36 bus stop.

Larry Bronstein, of Thieriot Avenue, has depended on the Bx36 stop along the overpass of the Cross Bronx Expressway on 174th Street at least once a week for years as his route to local stores and shopping centers.

Following the elimination of the stop in January, Bronstein, who requires the use of a mobility scooter, must take the difficult path to the E. 174th- St. Lawrence Avenue stop.

Though only one block away, the problem arises when crossing the dangerous intersection, and the inconvenient location of the handicap ramp.

Bronstein must also travel on the sidewalk of the adjacent block or in the street to the far end of a “green street,” on which the stop is located, to reach the only handicap access.

“It’s dangerous and there are no markings or white lines on the street to designate where cars must stop,” said Bronstein. “I have to travel down an extra block to reach the cut in the sidewalk, and then come back up to the bus stop.”

Aside from the dangerous inconvenience, Bronstein explained that he received no explanation or notice of the bus stop relocation.

According to the New York City Transit, a subdivision of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, following an analysis of the stop, it was considered unsafe for pedestrian use and underutilized in ridership when compared to other Bx36 stops.

“There is an operational safety issue when the bus makes the left turn from the Cross Bronx Expressway Service Road to the bridge overpass,” noted a NYC Transit spokesperson. “From our standpoint, this stop was under utilized and poorly located for pedestrian safety.”

Bronstein, however, feels differently. “This wasn’t a good decision for handicapped people. It is difficult for me to travel now,” said Bronstein. “Sometimes when I pass I still see people waiting on the overpass who don’t know the stop was moved.”

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