DOT studies Morris Park street

Community Board 11 has moved to request that the NYC Department of Transportation study the possibility of making an increasingly congested street in Indian Village one way only for vehicular traffic. DOT is now studying the proposal.

CB 11 has requested, by a unanimous vote on Thursday, May 27, that Lydig Avenue be made a one-way street between Seminole Avenue and Williamsbridge Road. A subsequent public hearing showed widespread support for the re-direction, which would give Lydig Avenue continuity, going one way westbound for all vehicular traffic from beginning to end.

John Fratta, district manager of CB 11, said that the board had received numerous complaints and concerns about speeding cars endangering the well being of children and seniors on the street. He think that the safety of the community would be enhanced by the change.

“We were getting a lot of complaints from the community, and they were requesting that the street be made one way because it is narrow and there are a lot of curves,” Fratta said. “We have had a number of near misses. So we decided that it should be made one way going west.”

Fratta said that the DOT is now conducting their own study. In initial conversations DOT seemed to support the idea of the change in direction for vehicular traffic. CB 11 Morris Park/Indian Village committee co-chair Michael Carriere said that reducing the level of traffic from two lanes to one is a good idea to help ensure the safety of pedestrians on the street.

“Vehicles can gain excessive speed in that area, so we are requesting a one-way direction for the street,” Carriere said. “There are a lot of children in a two to three block radius of this area. Multiple children almost got hit by cars. Changing the direction westbound would make it so that you don’t have to worry about two speeding cars going in opposite directions. If changes are made, we are going to continue to survey the area to make sure it is working.”

Carriere said that the community would continue to monitor traffic on the street for a three to six month period after any changes in direction were made. This would ensure that the new one-way direction was working and not causing negative consequences.

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